Our Staff

Rion Tisino, MSW
-Social Worker Associate Independent Clinical License
-Mental Health Professional (MHP)
-Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist
-Child Mental Health Specialist

“I am dedicated to changing the cycle of recidivism for youth and families.  TFS is determined to make a difference by consistently striving to serve others”

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Tisino Family Services is to break the cycle of recidivism by fostering the voices of vulnerable children, youth, and families with a strength-based perspective.

By fostering the voices of vulnerable children, youth, and families from a strength based perspective, Tisino Family Services vision empowers individuals with a practical approach that is sustainable.

Tisino Family Services builds on the foundation of children and families healthy everyday living. The skills
taught at TFS strengthen the whole self with therapeutic care.  By listening and allowing the common emotional expression of individuals, TFS then moves into a social support practice.

The goal of the social support is to create an atmosphere of trust.  TFS clients then are encouraged to decrease the deficiencies within themselves and their families as the build a sense of resilient characteristics.

Tisino Family Services therefore, challenges the clients to use their skills to break the rate of recidivism and move forward into positive living, lifestyle and FUTURE.