"Diss-Funk-Shun-All" the book

"Diss-Funk-Shun-All" by Rion L. Tisino, MSW

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From being the only surviving triplet, to getting shot in the back, Rion Tisino has beaten many odds. As a result of his parents' divorce in 1981, he became a defiant child facing the hardship of not having a consistent masculine figure in his home. He began his adolescent years filled with anger, insensitivity, and immorality. He went from being an angry Blackman to a successful minority in his community. Through faith, forgiveness of self, and personal enlightenment, he has now found a way to support & uplift those fighting a similar struggle.

More than just a tale of reckless living and its consequences, "Diss-Funk-Shun-All" is also the story of one unique Black man finding himself.